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Events up to December 2017


This year has gone so fast, Christmas is here once again. The long dark nights are with us and it is the time of the year that we especially need to get out and meet our friends, it's just too easy to sit in front of the fire and stagnate! I'm sure we all agree that once we have made the effort we feel so much better for braving the elements and having a nice meal, a laugh and a good natter with friends. Look on the bright side - only 2 days to go and then we start going back to summer and warm light nights.


We have now increased our membership to 40 and it is in no small measure thanks to all our members for making any new people who come along to feel so welcome. We are a friendly bunch!!


Our Sunday lunches are always a favourite - Thanks to Graham and June - here's their report!


As we said in the last report our July Sunday repast was going to be at a new Hotel we had not been to before, The Harp  Hotel in Letterston , true to the reports we had, the lunch was first class and the size of the dining area was surprising  I think it will be well worth going again in the new year.


It is worth noting that we were asked to participate in the Haverfordwest Carnival  week, it was to host an Elvis night at the Picton Centre . With the help of all our members running the Bar and on the door we made it a very good evening. We were blessed with a contingent of 20 young girls on  a girls stag night. I am glad Roger was able to contain there exuberance!!


August was a month when we had our Strawberry Tea at home so we did not go to a Hotel for lunch. The weather was sunny again and we all had homemade scones with lots of whipped cream rounded off with Fizzy Bubbles. 


October was the month we went to the East Williamson bash as always the food was up to standard cooked by the local WI ,As always it was over subscribed but we were able to fill a table with 17 of our members.


November was a month we went to our  favourite Hotel The Wolfs inn  in Wolfs castle. What can wesay, first class with 18 members turning up.


It was so nice that in this month two of our members tied the Knot of matrimony( got married) Steve and Ness, we wish them all the luck in the world and thank them for inviting us all to a do at the Cricket Club. Iknow we all had a wonderful evening and they both looked so happy.


December is a month we don't hold a Lunch as there is so much going on but we will be going to the Lamphy Hotel in January another of our best places to go, We all wish you the best Christmas in the world and a happy new year with lots of good food but not too much drink.


Graham and June


Events report up to July 2017

We have been busy this summer bedding into our new venue at the Rugby Club in Narberth. With the weather being good we have been able to hold some of our meeting on the cricket pitch! Boules and our plant auction were two! Hopefully we will get chance to enjoy a few more before winter sets in.


Thanks to Gill and Cheryl for allowing us to go to their homes, always good meetings and thankfully the sun shone on all!


Our Sunday lunches are always a great success, here's Graham and June's report:


A few more Sunday Lunches under our belts (or could be over in my case).


In March we went to The Bush in Robeston Wathen where they have a Carvery each Sunday. Plenty of food with as much veg you can eat topped up with very nice afters, we will be going again very soon.


April showers did not come our way when we all went to Cardiff RHS show. We were advised not to try and bring back any large trees as our coach driver had a very sharp saw if we did.


As far as the Sunday dinner was concerned we went to The Parsonage in St Florence. We found the food ok but nothing outstanding.


The month of May was going to be a new venue for us at Picton castle but it turned out to be expensive, having to pay to go on the grounds as well as not being a Sunday lunch and we would be required to pay in advance for a few Tapas snacks. So we went to our old favourite haunt The Wolfs Inn. As always a good day out.


In June we all went to Gills bash for a jolly good time then off to a new pub in Amroth this has just been made into a very nice place, after lunch it was so nice some of us had coffee on the beach.


July is a new month and a new hotel namely The Harp on the way to Letterston, but that is for next time as we ain't been there at the time of writing.

Graham and June's Sunday Lunch report 2016-17:

September: Way back in the mists of time in Anno Domini 16 we went not for the first time to our most favoured hotel The Wolfs Inn, Wolfs castle. The food was good and I think the weather was as well, the staff never fail to give us a good time.


October: Less mist, more food: Lamphey Hall beckoned this time. The tables did not tip up due to some heavy elbows placed at one end. The member not with us anymore!! Good food again. The one manager asked us to guess the town he was from if right he would buy him or her a drink... No Drink. For those who eat there it's Barnsley.


November: An early monthly lunch this month on the 6th was at East Williamson and we all know how good that is. In the village hall run by the local WI in aid of the church, as much food as you can eat for £10 and the sweets —cream on top of cream! I know a certain lady who went back for thirds.


December: Due to all that goes on over Christmas we gave our pockets a rest but I am sure not our tums.


January: What can we say about this next venue — The Wolfs Inn. Why do we go back so often? Just go and try a Sunday Lunch or for that matter any meal will do.


February: This is not the first time we have been to this Hotel Not to be mixed up with the other Ferry Inn which is just as good, but The Ferry House Inn Hazelbeach . For the first time, our club has been 20 in number well done all! The food was good but you have to watch the road from Neyland: one car wide and full of bends. Good eating to us all and not a scale in sight!


Members Reports - September 2016

From Graham & June:

April found us in the North of the county at the "oldy worldy " Wolfs Castle inn as you go in on the left from Haverfordwest. It stands back off the road and looks like a well run Hotel. The food was as good as the hotel looked I think we will be going back very soon.


May was the month that the East Williamston village held their Sunday bash to which we all look forward to, knowing that the food is first class so we booked a table for 15. I know somebody that went back for seconds and I think even thirds! The afters are second to none and all home made.


June was a month when my wife and I were on holiday at the same time the lunch came round but our Sunday Luncher's turned out in force to go to The Bush Inn at Robeston Wathen. The food is laid out as a carvery with a good selection of meat's. Sorry to have missed out on this venue, must go some time soon.


Must report that this month saw us do something that was nothing to do with food, i.e. we all went to play Table tennis in Neyland organised by Steve, many thanks for that ,must do it again soon, much fun was had by all.


Members Reports

Due to the number of things going on in December we did not have an outing on the third Sunday but we all went to the Cricket club for our party. There was a good turnout in the Green Room with the food as good as ever. Music was supplied by Steve and a jolly time was had by all.


January lunch was in the Huntsman Inn at Rosemarket, being mid winter the food was warm but the room needed a little heat in the form of a fan heater but after we all got talking we warmed up ok.


March dinner was at The Glen Haverfordwest 12 members attended again good food much nattering and entertainment was by kind permission of Jennie who got us guessing on what was the next letters. see if you know? A E F H I K L The food was not only Beef, Chicken, Pork, but the best bit of Fish we have had in a long time. Will be going again.

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