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Welcome to Pembrokeshire Friends

The Pembrokeshire Friends meet to eat, drink, laugh, chat and enjoy good company every alternate Wednesday evening at the Vine Inn, Johnston and on the weeks in-between we hold a lunchtime meeting at South Pembrokeshire Golf Club. All are welcome, whether you are single or a couple. We organize Suppers, Sunday Lunches, Picnic Lunches, Walks, garden visits, theatre nights, museums, galleries, away days, boat trips, bowling, concert trips - you name it we do it. With so much on our doorstep we are never short of ideas! There is a something for every one to choose from and if you have any other ideas we are always keen to hear them.


We were founded in 2001 to fill a need in the county for a place of social gathering. Most members live in Pembrokeshire, but people come from much further afield and all are welcome.


Pembrokeshire Friends is a social group where you will find a diversity of friendly people. It gives you the opportunity to meet new friends, to have company on outings and be part of a social network.


Pembrokeshire Friends is not a dating or singles club. The focus is on friendship, and most members are not looking for love. Human nature being what it is, occasionally people do meet at the club and then go on to romance and marriage, but they still keep coming back for the friendship.


The club is run by the members for the members. We are always interested in new ideas for events and activities to add to our already varied programme. The programme is put together every three months with details updated on our “What's on” page. Once a member you will also receive a newsletter by email or a hard copy if you do not own a computer, keeping you in touch with what's going on with everyone.


Prospective new members (singles or couples) are welcome to join us at any of our regular meetings. If you like we will arrange for someone to meet and greet you on your first visit and introduce you to the other members. You will be made very welcome and we hope that after trying two or three events, you will decide to join us.


Interested? Then ring us on the dedicated mobile phone and one of our members will take your call and help you all they can. If no reply then just leave your name and number and we will get back to you.


Telephone and e-mail details are on our “Getting in touch” page. We want you to feel comfortable about meeting us all so please do not hesitate to give us a call first if you need to.


We all know the first step is the hardest because we have all “been there done that” but once you take it then you are one step closer to making new friends and having fun!

Your Committee

Maureen - Founder

Graham- Chairman and phone contact

Susan - Treasurer

Pam - Secretary

Andrew - web coordinator


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